hello from ulrika.

Hello Hiki!
I wanted to send you the first postcard from NY, I figure it to be a good place to start. The picture is from NY at least! New York is wonderful and terrible at the same time. So many people, impressions and things to do. Imagine arriving from a country of 9 milion people, to a fairly small island with the same population. But, I guess Tokyo is more like NY than Helsingborg! :) Hope you can read my handwriting, you will experience it changes a lot from day to day, this being the first of hopefully many postcards to you! I hope you are perfectly fine! Hugs Ulrika.

P.S. Did I mention NY is wonderful?


hiki said...

i don't know, maybe white background is better?

ulrikakullenberg said...

I love this, think the color works very well!
And I love the photos next to each other!!
Well done, you are so good!

marie said...

nice project here :)
i love these pictures.. and that saucer (i really want one of those!)

nicki said...

I Love this project!

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