On the Street * February

Ah yes, I see the smiley in your photo, that is so cute! ;)
We had our first snow this winter the other day in Tokyo, but there is no more trace of it left now. It's been freezing but I managed a sunny shot on the street just some blocks from my home.
Happy Valentines to you too Ulrika!

Top : Helsinbourg On the Street by Ulrika.
Bottom: Tokyo On the Street by hiki.


Ulrika said...

Ah I like this combo, they are perfect together.
I think your photos bring out the best in mine :)
Looks so sunny and green in Tokyo!
Happy Valentines my friend.

hiki said...

I'd say exactly the same back to you!
Your photos bring out the best in mine :)
These trees are the ones that stay green even in winter, we're having lots of wet days these days with only occasional sunny days. Can't wait till spring!

Elisabelle said...

Lovely combination!

at swim-two-birds said...

love this combo too :)

Piou said...

I like your photos !

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