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As I do every time I receive a photo from you for the new post, I had to smile. Though mine is not a proper breakfast at all (I never have a proper breakfast at home) and a lot simpler and blander (and probably unhealthier) than yours, it indeed is one of my naughty but favourable breakfasts. I love your cute mug, the one I normally drink my tea with is the "Little My" one, I regret that I didn't use that mug for this shot! But from tomorrow morning when I drink my tea from my Littly My mug, I will think of you Ulrika ;)

Have a wonderful new week!


Top photo by Ulrika, bottom by hiki.


Ulrika said...

Oh, I love our coincidences! And I love your photo! I never eat breakfast at home in the weekdays either, only on the weekends :)
Don't worry about the next post, enjoy your time in Okinawa! and send me the pic when you return, no pressure!

Elisabelle said...

Always a big fan!!!
I gave you a sunshine award:)

keetee said...

I am in love with photo set!

♥♥♥ w o o l f ♥♥♥ said...

i'll say, both your tables look g o o d !!!

o l y said...

i wish i can go visit both of you two sweet girls places one day, these table photos are so so so adorable !

happy weekend !


Melanie said...

both look like delicious breakfasts. pretty table cloth. x

Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

Stunning photography. Love the patterns mixed with the food colors.

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