on the street :: april

So, we both were away on mini holidays during the same weekend - you in Athens, me in Okinawa. I missed reading your posts while I was away and had no idea how you got stuck in Athens and had to take a looong journey back home, it must have been so tiring but your photos from your weekend (and plus extra days) look marvelous and I really enjoyed them.

The roofs - round and pointy, do they make you smile?
Have a wonderful new week dear my friend Ulrika!!

Top photo by Ulrika, bottom by hiki.


Make it Easy said...

LOVE these two photos!!
aww thats so sweet hikisan, you wrote to her through your blogs. CUTE

o l y said...

me too me too,
i love both of the photos you two girls took

welcome home, to both of you !


Fei An said...

That is so sweet to have girlfriends to each other like you two:)
Intertesting shoots as always!!

at swim-two-birds said...

love them both!

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