Food, May

You put a smile on my face when I got your picture, we both went for lemons! Promise I had already chosen my pic before I got yours! :) Or, at a second glance, maybe it is not a lemon in your photo? Anyhow we both went for yellow citrus fruits, right?
And oh, that's the Little My mug!? :)

Happy new week!

first by hiki, second by ulrika


Elisabelle said...

instant love!

hiki said...

Oh my!! This is excellent Ulrika!
That citrus in my photo is not lemon but something between orange and mandarin, we have SO MANY different kinds of citrus in Japan I can't even remember what this one was!
And yes that is my My mug ;)

lafulanitadetal said...



Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

Love you blog. Gorgeous photos.

Anonymous said...

So sos beautiful.
You have a lovely blog.


Emily Young said...

Beautiful photographs!

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