On the street, May

Hikis picture is the first one, mine is the second one.
I'm struggling with inspiration but your Tokyo photo book kind of inspires me even though I don't have it in my hands but have seen it only on your blog. But it looks so good, and I'm so impressed. I hope I get to do a photo book one day.

Happy JUNE, can you beleive it? I really can't. What happened to May!?


hildegarde said...

May was much too speedy, hopefully June is nice and slow, but nicely so

hiki said...

May surely flew away so quickly, in fact, the first whole 5 months of 2010 did.
Happy June to you too! and thank you for mentioning my pohto book :)

Danya Ristić said...

Charming photos!
Just wondering - have the two of you stopped sending postcards to each other?

underwerket / Lisa Grue said...

I is a really good idea for a blog.
greetings from Lisa Copenhagen

hiki said...

Danya, that is a very good question!
No we have not stopped sending postcards to each other, it was me being so slack but it's coming!! ;)

Lisa, thank you! have a lovely day! from tokyo :)

Ulrika said...

No, it's me who's late on the postcards.. I'm sorry. Will write you soon Hiki! :)

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