f o o d * j u n e

Peony, I LOVE peonies! They are everywhere to be seen right now in Tokyo too. And yes, I do recognise it - from your postcard (which I will share it here very soon)!!

My food shot doesn't really match yours, but it's from my Japanese lunch :)

Have a lovely week!


Make it Easy said...

food looks delicious!
im actually doing my next paper making sculpture about peonies!

Danya Ristić said...

What a fun contrast between the two tables. I also love peonies, though sadly they are not easy to find here and horribly expensive if one does find them.
A good week to both of you!

Ulrika said...

Your food always amazes me, I have no idea what it is but it looks so interesting and good :)

hiki said...

This is, well, a bit hard to explain what this is actually! haha It's called "ocha-zuke" and we eat a little bit of this and that (pickled vegetables or little fish thing etc) with the rice and then we pour some green tea over the rice. it sounds so weird doesn't it!
Anyway, this is very Japanese, but at the same time the colours in this picture somehow felt tiny bit Swedish to me. Maybe just that light colour wood against muted blue?

Ulrika said...

Hihi, sounds funny, but I'm sure it tastes good!
I agree about the colors, especially the walls and the table is very Swedish to me :)

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