Looking Up, Looking Down - September

Hello Ulrika, it looks like autumn has really taken over summer in Helsinborg and it makes me jealous. Tokyo's summer this year has been the worst I've known and there is no sign of autumn to be seen yet. Surely the day is getting shorter and the shadows in the late afternoon are getting longer though.

Your photos taken inside home, mine outside in the sun, but you see the connections - lines, shadows and knit balls! I love these together ;)

Hope you will enjoy September, I think it's going to be really tough on me but I will try to enjoy.

Stay calm and take care my friend.



Tabitha said...

I love the knitting connection-- that necklace is lovely! :)

Ulrika said...

You're the sweetest!
I love these pictures together too, don't know why, but something connects them I think.
And your looking up shot is really, really good.

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