Looking Up, Looking Down and Looking Back

How are you Ulrika, have you and the little one finally met I wonder? It was last winter when we started this blog and we've reached another winter already. I've enjoyed seeing the change of season through our photos we've posted for our project here. I think we did pretty well, no?

To those who have come by and left lovely comments, we've decided to take a break from here for a while as it has become difficult to keep this place nice and neat with regular posts for the both of us. It was really lovely to know that there were quite a few of you who enjoyed this place other than us Ulrika and hiki. Your support meant a lot for us, so thank you!

Here is all our looking up and down shots we posted here in the year of our project. I just love it, and I hope you do too.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Stay warm,


Shadows / November

Shadows is probably my favourite theme, just love them :)

I agree with you, time is really flying by. This fall has gone by so fast, we're soon in winter time here with the first snow on the way. But I look forward to this Christmas alot (feels strange to talk about it, but it's not far away!).

Stay warm Hiki!
Hugs Ulrika

Black x White * October

I thought things started to slow down a bit in October but it's already gone! I don't know what is happening but you must be feeling the same Ulrika especially while waiting for the baby to pop out! I am really getting excited about the arrival of your must-be-gorgeous little one!!

lots of love from tokyo,


Flowers / October

Hello hiki! October has been a good one, don't you think? I'm still considering what to send you for your wedding gift. But something will show up, some day :) Until then, I dedicate those flowers to you.
Only one week left to go of October, I hope November will be just as good and as quick, my countdown until baby arrival has begun and I'm longing to meet the little one.

Happy end of October everyone!

Looking Up, Looking Down - October

Hello Ulrika,
What lovely autumn shots and hello there little one! I can almost hear the sound of you walking on the fallen leaves... We are still a little bit far from that in Tokyo, but yes shadows are surely getting longer. This time I took my two shots in my living room while enjoying a nice cup of tea with my new cup in the beautiful morning yesterday.

I hope you are enjoying the week!