Looking Up, Looking Down / December

Leaves are still falling in Tokyo.
The air is getting colder and nights are getting longer.
Probably not as much as where you are though.
I don't live close to the water, but my "looking down" photograph was also wet.
Just another coincidence that makes me smile.


Anonymous said...

no more leaves here, but snow!!
beautiful pictures...

mizu designs said...

Gorgeous images! No snow here. Or cold. But the days are quite warm. I hope to go swimming next week.

at swim-two-birds said...

oh, i love this new project, the photos are gorgeous!!

Ulrika said...

thanks for your sweet support, it means alot! ♥

I think it's a sweet coincidence that we have both photographed trees (mine naked, yours with autumn leaves) and the wet looking down photos :)

kjoto said...

wonderfull composition!
i love it!
keep at it :-)

kristina said...

what a lovely new project! I look forward to following you and your photos!

traveling, in huis en erbuiten.... said...

hi both of you's
great thought, looking forward to the connexions

hiki said...

hi and thank you everyone for coming here to see our new blog :)
this is mainly a weekly project, but i hope you will enjoy it, ulrika and i certainly are enjoying this ;)

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