Food / December

Mandarines and persimmons from Japan.
Frozen cheesecake with gingerbread cookie bottom and pomegranate from Sweden.
I hope your Christmas has been everything you wished for.


hiki said...

oh i love pomegranate.
it looks pretty pink and lovely. the ones we get here are usually deep red.
the cheesecake looks so yum!

Ulrika said...

I love it too. Don't think the colors are correctly given in this photo though, there is too little light here for photographing these days. But I love the warm colors of your fruits!

Elisabelle said...

... mmmm....
I love your blog!
Keep on posting!

gini said...

lovely lovely!!!!great blog great idea!!!!
love from gini famili

hiki said...

thank you Elisabelle and gini!
i hope we can keep this blog enjoyable :)
happy new year!

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