From Ulrika#02 / January

This is how it normally looks this time of the year where I live, this year is different, we've got snow! Love it, it makes everything lighter. Although it's cold.
I read on your blog that your feet are always cold - so are mine! I've been wearing double socks for weeks, we have 18C indoors and I need blankets and tea to stay warm. Christmas is coming up, I wish you all the best for the Holidays. HAPPY 2010!
Mata-ne! Ulrika

* * * *

Ulrika, in my old stamp book I have many stamps that say "SVERIGE" on them and I always wondered where they came from when I was a child. I kept forgetting about it, but when I saw that stamp on your postcard -bang! my long-lost mystery was solved! If internet was around back then I would've found out so easily but this was such a wonderful way to find out :)


Ulrika said...

Wiii! That's great! In some ways the days before internet were better :) not really, but it's a very cute story!!

Ulrika said...

Forgot to say that I love those 2 pictures :)

marie said...

I like the idea of this blog
also great pictures:)

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