new postcard and more coincidences

hello ulrika! this is the Japanese style new years greeting card "nengajo", it's in Japanese but thought I'd send you one.
Yes my feet are always cold even in summer and I wear double socks and need a blanket too :) Speaking of blankets, I've just got a beautiful new blanket that was made in Sweden! So many of my favourite things are swedish and I feel Sweden closer and closer by doing our blog :) I hope you had a great holidays and wish you all the best for a fabulous New Year!
gott nytt ar!
Love from Tokyo


hiki! I instantly recognised the blanket in your picture below! those blankets are manufactured about 30 kilometers from where I live!! Have a look here. I found your blanket in the collection page. Amazing. You've put a smile on my face, again :)


o l y said...

the postcard is so so lovely
i'm really happy that you girls make this blog together, makes me smile everytime i come here and read

thank you :)

have a nice brand new week !

Katrine Ny said...

This blog is the cutest!
It's my first time and I will definitely be back.

hiki said...

Ulrika, yes KLIPPAN that is! It's really beautiful and keeping me nice and warm.
Right after I bought this blanket there came your postcard and I thought "so she knew about it somehow!" and it surely made me smile :)

Thank YOU oly for enjoying our blog. I feel exactly the same visiting yours!

Hello Katrine, thank you for finding our blog. It's so lovely to hear from you, please do come back again ;)


Ulrika said...

Thank you oly and Katrine!

hiki, I forgot to say that your postcard is so great, just beautiful. And I love this Japaneese tradition of sending wishes for the new year.

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