Blue is Everywhere.

blue by ulrika
blue by hiki
When you said "blue" for this month's colour theme post, I thought "what blue photos can I shoot, the sky is not really blue at this time of year..." (yes as you sensed it in my email), but once I got outside holding my camera thinking "blue" I was actually so amazed to see how many "blues" I see just about everywhere! Even the sky was really blue that day as if laughing at my silly thought!
Anyway, this one was my favourite "blue" shot out of so many which I ended up with. That blue trolley was accidental, but yes blue IS everywhere.

P.S. I love your blue pen collection, Ulrika!


marie said...

blue was my fav colour when I was little. now I'm not sure I have a favourite:)
also great pen collection!

at swim-two-birds said...

i'm also a blue fan,want that bottom pic! love:)

pilarcat said...

This is really an interesting blog. Love both pics and I love the blue too :-D

hiki said...

Thank you ladies!!
Blue seems quite popular, but why shouldn't it be?
I love the deeper shades of blue, oh but the lighter ones are really beautiful too aren't they?
Okay, so i love all kind of blue! ;)
Have a wonderful week to you all!

Ulrika said...

I'm glad you found some blue out there :)
I think your shot is sooo much better than mine. Lovely blues, and that trolley..! Sometimes you're just at the right place at the right time :)

thanks marie, at swin-two-birds and pilarcat for liking the blue! ;)

Adam said...

the blues in the pens are intense, they look really wonderful. the colors are similar to The Old Guitarist by picasso. and the photo below, the clock...wowowow

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