Looking Up, Looking Down / February

So this is the last set for February, "Looking Up / Looking Down". Are they both your creations Ulrika? Both your wire bird and crochet look amazing! That made me realise I haven't been doing any creative work that are non-digital for so long. At least I'm shooting film.... oh well.

Photo 2&3 by Ulrika, 1&4 by hiki.


Elisabelle said...

I am kind of repeating myself, but I love your photos together!!!

Ulrika said...

love this post, my fav so far! they go so well together! and my wire bird and your wires.. :)

yes I've made the granny squares and the bird :)
kind of obsessed with crocheting right now, but many squares are needed for a blanket so I keep on going!

marie said...

great great photos!

Narumi said...

Both of you make the most lovely photos ! Wish I could make nice granny squares like those.. Can't wait to see the blanket !

Danya Ristić said...

I really like the first photo, and the bird in the second photo is wonderful - so full of character!

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