Food, March

You know you always amaze me with your beautiful Japan shots. I feel more and more like visiting Japan every time I see your photos or visit your blog. 
There is so much Japan in this shot! Which is great :)
I've just finished a raspberry/cardamon muffin while crocheting. It turned into a small blanket for Malte.

Happy new week! 

And oh, top photo by hiki and bottom by ulrika, but I'm guessing it's quite obvious :)


Fei An said...

Yes, Ulrika's shoot is very Japan this time. I feel more and more like to visit Japan myself, and that is why I follow your girls blog:) Thinking about going to Japan next spring!!!
Ulrika's table cloth is very Japaness as well:)

Narumi said...

That's funny you both have lovely turquoise plates ! The sushi & rasberry muffin looks so yummy :)

Brit said...

Mmm yummy food! That sushi looks sooo good!
And o the yarn! :) I love the orange tint! I never thought I would be the type that would collect en "drool" over nice yarn!

hiki said...

Just as I thought this photo of mine would not make another coincidence as is being very Japanese, but it's a wow isn't it!!

Fei An said...

Ulrika, I shoot a swedish wooden horse today, which is abviously inspiried by you!!! Come and take a look:) Of course, you are the master. Thanks for your inspiration!!!

Annemarie said...

Oh, pretty plates alert! Lovely combo of pictures.

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Elisabelle said...

I'd love to have some sushis in Tokyo!

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