Lovely Surprise from Ulrika.

Hello Hiki!
Congratulations on your birthday, way too late!
I hope your day was good! I send you an extra photo (that I know you like) as a very small birthday gift :)
We got another 20cm of snow last night and there's a 1m pile of snow right outside our garage so I had to work from home today, but I don't mind.
I kind of long for spring now though... :)
Have a very good February and stay warm!
All the best from Ulrika.

OK, I know this is far too late to finally post this I apologise. I received this wonderful mail from Ulrika for my birthday (in February! I know March is about to end now, it's terrible), a sweet envelope filled with a beautiful set of photographs taken by herself. When I took out a pile of photographs, the pink rose one was on top of it and it was so amazing like as if I received a beautiful bouquet it put a huge smile on my face! It was such a lovely surprise and what a sweetheart Ulrika is! I have got to find a good frame to put my very favourite picture, yes I still haven't found one. (I hope you are not rolling your eyes Ulrika.)


Elisabelle said...

so sweet!!!!lovely birthday gift!

cinta / sepi / sayu said...


Ulrika said...

Don't worry hiki!! :)

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