pretty, pretty postcard from hiki

Hello Ulrika!
What a slow reply, I hope you forgive me... February has gone and I'm remembering ways to relax and enjoy life now thanks goodness!
The photos you sent to me for my b'day surely helped me going through the hard times and a good frame for my favourite photograph (SO BEAUTIFUL!!) is still being hunt.
Happy March Ulrika!
Spring is almost here :)
xx hiki


hiki my friend! I love this photograph. And your Japanese stamps are so much prettier than my Swedish ones.
Pretty photo, pretty stamp.

YES, I forgive you ;)


Lollipop said...

just pretty, our are right!

hiki said...

you made it look so nice ulrika!
thank you :)

hiki said...

p.s. this might be fun to look at after seeing this post :)

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