Lovely Postcard from Ulrika

Hello Hiki!
I'm sorry, I must be the worst or anyway slowest postcard-writer ever!
I hope June is beautiful in Japan, so far Sweden is a bit too chilly but it's all green and nice.
Gosh your Japanese Stamps are so pretty! I'm impressed every time.
I've had a calm and nice weekend, made some more granny squares. Malte thinks it's boring though and when he wants the attention he puts himself on top of all the yarn and stare me in the eyes. Then it's time for a break & some cuddle. Love that dog :)
Cheers! Ulrika♥

* * *

What a lovely postcard to receive! You made it look so pretty with the matching stamps! It was so perfect that I pretended I had the beautiful peony you painted in my potted garden :)

I hope your inspirations will be back. But don't you worry it will come back so just take it easy!


Elisabelle said...

such a lovely "correspondance".
as always, such a pleasure to come to your blog!

Fei An said...

So inspiring!!! I miss the time of myself making water coloring... will start again...

Ulrika said...

Oh, you photographed it so pretty among your potted garden hiki!

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