Patterns / June

This is part of my granny square blanket that I've been working on for a while, and still am :) But it's starting to look like a blanket now, which is inspiring.

Your picture is very Japanese to me! And I'm not sure I match it very well with my blanket.
Our summers seems a bit different too, it's dry but still green, sunny and actually perfect here now, the humidity you're having sounds exhausting, I hope it improves for you soon.

Happy end of June and soon July!

Oh, just an idea; how about some request themes? I think we could use a challenge, what do you think Hiki? If anyone has a theme they want us to photograph, please let us know! To differentiate from the food, patterns and so on that we are repeating.


Elisabelle said...

I love this!!!
On the top of my head, I would say:
-self portrait
Can't wait to see the next posts:)

Tabitha said...

how about colors, pets/animals, flowers? :)

hiki said...

Oh what a great idea to take request themes! Maybe it will be good for some changes!!

mmm, "night" "flowers" sound really good, thanks to Elisabelle and Tabitha!

Danya Ristić said...

That's a fun suggestion. How about:
* people's smiles
* people's hands as they do whatever they love doing
* the view from shop or restaurant windows out onto the street
* cloud formations
* children (or do they move too much?) (maybe rather sleeping children, ha ha)

Ida Nielsen said...

+mail boxes
+shapes: round, square, triangle etc.

More abstract:
and so on :-)

Juliette on Mars et ailleurs... said...

What about
cats (an easy one)
ice cream
childhood memories
etc etc etc...

+I'd be happy to see any of these and many others i'm sure*

Juliette, as in

Marion said...

I'd love to see :


I know, tricky ones...

Ulrika said...

Thanks all!! We have a great bank of themes to choose from now, you'll see them popping up, well at least some of them! Thanks again, it's very inspiring.

Melanie said...

i'd like to see: summer, afternoon, morning, music

Melanie said...

oh and also stripes!

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